Excel Compiler

XCell Compiler, also known as Excel Compiler, offers very strong and hassle free Microsoft Excel workbook copy protection.
You can compile Microsoft Excel spreadsheet (.XLS, .XLSX, .XLSM, .XLSB file) into EXE application with workbook protected formulas in binary format and protected VBA code.
Nobody can see, trace, debug, analyze or copy your Microsoft Excel workbook algorithms.
With registration/license management feature you can protect your compiled Excel workbook from illegal copying from one computer to another by using hardware locking protection.
Excel compiler allows you to create the trial/demo version of your workbook.
The product offers you to add your own splash window image, icon, end user license agreement (EULA) and much more...

Please try the Excel Compiler Free Trial version which is completely functional for calculation.

Excel Compiler

Excel Compiler

  Excel Compiler main features:

  • Protect Excel formulas by converting them into binary format. Without this feature any kind of Excel file copy protection is useless.

  • Excel compiler converts Excel workbook (XLS, XLSX, XLSM, XLSB (aka Excel Binary Workbook) file) into an application (EXE File, which requires Excel to run). You do not need to be a programmer to use the product.

  • Compile your spreadsheet to an EXE file which be able to run as with Excel 32-bit as with Excel 64-bit version.

  • For advanced Excel customers the Excel Compiler offers strong and reliable VBA protection which allows protecting your VBA code (macros) from viewing, tracing and copying.

  • Apply Excel workbook copy protection with registration(activation) key/license to your spreadsheet. Prevent illegal copying of your spreadsheet from one computer to another.

  • Protect Excel workbook with hardware locking! Anti-Piracy solution for your workbook. This allows your protected workbook to work on target computer only.

  • Royalty free distribution of your compiled EXE, which doesn't require any preinstalled Run-Time libraries.

  • Customize as you want or localize (translate to the language of your customer) the compiled workbook run-time messages.

  • The excel compiler doesn't modify the original workbook, so the original Excel workbook stays without any changes after compilation.

  • The excel compiler allows to limit the time period of usage for your compiled Excel's workbook. Set date when compiled EXE stops to work.

  • License expiration warning. The Excel Compiler allows to add your own customized expiration message into your compiled workbook.

  • Add your own End User License Agreement (EULA) information. The compiled Excel workbook will not be started until the end user accepts the EULA.

  • Create Trial/Demo Excel workbook limited by amount of days and nag window. You may change the content of the trial version warning with your contact information and registration instructions.

  • Hide Microsoft Excel on start.

  • Compiled Excel workbook protection with dongles (USB sticks).

  • Save date changed during work session directly into the compiled EXE or into separate .XSTG file by your choice.

  • Excel compiler allows to export/import changed data from/to compiled EXE; Import data into original Excel workbook. Also available feature to export all changed data during the all compiled EXE life.

  • Run a compiled workbook without a macro security alert.

  • Add your own application name, version of the application you compile, contact information as web site link or e-mail address and copyright information.

  • Excel compiler allows to add your own splash screen image which will be shown during protected workbook opening on customer's computer.

  • Restrict the access only to authorized individuals, and limits users' activities to the minimum required, for business purposes.

  • Eliminates the chances of exposure of corporate secrets, breaches in customer confidentiality, and the disruption of business activities.